T1202 ASM Type 3

T1202 Engine ASM Type 3

Nuclear (parent company of ULTI Tires) has released the Type 3 version of the nitro on-road .12 engine ASM based on the OS T1202 engine. Engine is inspected by Masao Tanaka for quality assurance and a special treatment and process on the piston pin, a special treatment to the cylinder (sleeve), back plate connecting rod and piston.

The benefits to these processes and treatment help to improve the efficiency of the parts as a whole. All processes and treatment help in reducing friction, help with fuel atomization resulting in less likelihood of scratching the piston/cylinder and increasing compression to gain better efficiency and power. This is the highest spec. ASM has to offer for the serious racer.


  • Stoke volume: 2.1cc
  • Borre: 13.67mm
  • Stoke: 14.3mm
  • Practical rotation speed: 5,000-45,000rpm
  • Output: 1.75ps / 35,000rpm (1.73hp / 35,000rpm)
  • Weight: 215g


  • Standard plug T-RP 6
  • Exhaust seal ring
  • Taper collet
  • Special process to connection rod
  • Special treatment and process to the piston pin
  • Special treatment to engine back plate
  • Special treatment to the cylinder (sleeve)
  • Special treatment to the piston

*If the engine is out of stock, you can arrange to also have it drop shipped direct from Japan if you are in a hurry.

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T1202 ASM Type 3

  • Brand: ASM
  • Product Code: ASMT1202T3
  • Availability: PRE-ORDER
  • $495.99

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