LTC 2.0 Light

LTC 2.0 Light Weight for 190mm

The next generation in the LTC is the 2.0. The most visible change is the updated front fascia design. A large, striking front grille gives the LTC 2.0 an unmistakable look on the track and two different sets of angular headlights are included for more personalization. 

On the functionality side, deeper headlight recesses have proven on the track to create more steering and downforce, increasing rotation and change of direction. At the rear of the body, the lower fenders are redesigned to be stiffer and less prone to body tucks. Included is PROTOform’s popular wing design first seen on the Pro-TC Kit and Dodge Dart, now featuring two trim lines for tuning to a specific class or track condition. Use the top trim line for low-grip or modified racing, or the new lower trim-line for high-grip or spec-class racing. For increased corner speed, it is recommended to use the optional stiffer Pro-TC version (#1720-00, sold separately). See where the LTC 2.0’s handling characteristics fit on our 190mm TC Body Handling Spectrum.

The critical tuning aid of body positioning is now easier than ever to repeat consistently using Mounting Marks, an all-new, industry-first feature. Mounting Marks were created to add convenience for the racer before even trimming the body out. Inside the scrap Lexan in the front wheel wells, mounting positions are marked for 0 (neutral), +2mm, +4mm and +6mm. Use the included axle masking dots before painting, line up both the front axles on the Mounting Mark position desired, then use PROTOform Crosshairs (#6032-00, sold separately)to mark the body post positions. The more forward the race body is mounted, the more aggressive the handling will feel.

The LTC 2.0 is Global Body Spec compliant and fully EFRA (#4051) & ROAR approved. It is available in both light (.025" / .064mm) and regular (.030" / 0.76mm) weight genuine Lexan® and comes with a detailed decal sheet, window masks, overspray film and wing mounting hardware.


  • Decal Sheet
  • Window Mask
  • Wing Mounting Hardware

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LTC 2.0 Light

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