7 Port WPC Type 6 M3 Set 2171

ASM R02SP Type 6 WPC Fannel M3 7 Port

The ASM 9 port type 6 is based on the O.S. Euro Spec engine from Nuclear.   Using standard Euro Spec crank, sleeve, rod, and wrist pin with coatings and treatments from WPC and custom piston made from harder material with WPC treatment the new Type 6 has been born. Designed and made with their own case, button head, and M3 venturi for increased power and efficiency!  The M3 venturi is pressed into the carb and can not be removed. The design on the M3 is 2mm taller venturi at 9.0mm to create more velocity.  Includes ASM header pipe set (EFRA2171 pipe and 228 header).

Available as non-broken in and complete break in.


  • Stoke volume: 3.49cc
  • Borre: 16.08mm
  • Stoke: 17.2mm
  • Practical rotation speed: 4,000-45,000rpm
  • Output: 2.8ps / 33,000rpm (2.76hp / 33,000rpm)
  • Weight: 340g


  • Standard plug T-RP 7
  • Exhaust seal ring
  • Taper collet
  • ASM inner head
  • EFRA 2171 pipe
  • 228 Header

*If the engine is out of stock, you can arrange to also have it drop shipped direct from Japan if you are in a hurry.

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7 Port WPC Type 6 M3 Set 2171

  • Brand: ASM
  • Product Code: ASM2B500026WM3
  • Availability: PRE-ORDER
  • $724.99

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