Lightweight Alu Sx Horn (S/K)

Lightweight Aluminum Servo Horn (Sanwa/KO 23T)

This horn is made of highly rigid aluminum 7075 material to provide direct and linear steering feel in response to recent high-torque and high-speed servos. The AXON Lightweight Aluminum Servo Horn has a perfectly balanced servo horn shape and arm length.

Since the weight of the servo horn has a great influence on the steering feel, the arm length is 18mm and is a one-hole type to reduce weight. The AXON lightweight aluminum servo horn is fixed with a clamp type to ensure the best steering response.

The clearance of the horn spline is designed to be tight. The clearance of the horn spline is designed to be tight in order to prevent rattling. The horn splines are designed with a tight clearance to prevent rattling. When new, the horn splines may be hard to insert, but if you tighten the splines together with the screws, there will be no problem.

*Please note that the servo horns are tighter than the existing aluminum servo horns.

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Lightweight Alu Sx Horn (S/K)

  • Brand: Axon
  • Product Code: MS-SA-S001
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  • $19.99

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