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SMJ Teflon Batt Tape New

SMJ Teflon Batt Tape

SMJ Teflon Battery Tape (25x130x0.15mm/Black)This is a 0.15mm-thick Teflon tape. Put this very thin ..


Alu Eccentric Holder New

Alu Eccentric Holder

Aluminum Eccentric Bearing Holder 0.5mm (Black/2pcs)This Aluminum Eccentric Bearing Holder 0.5mm is ..


Set Screw M4x8 New

Set Screw M4x8

Set Screw M4x8mm Round Top (4pcs)Down stop adjustment screw for front and rear lower arms. The tip h..


Rear Bush Set New

Rear Bush Set

Rear Bushing Set (HARD/2sets)Uses harder material than standard IF18 kit.  Increases the rigidi..


F Upper Arm Hard New

F Upper Arm Hard

Front Upper Arm (Hard)Uses harder material than the standard IF18 kit. It offers sharp steering char..


Fuel Tank O Ring New

Fuel Tank O Ring

Fuel Tank O Ring Set (P18) [2pcs]This o-ring is the replacement part for the IF18 fuel tank. A worn-..


Adj Oneway Plate Set New

Adj Oneway Plate Set

Adjustable Oneway Plate SetThis is a spare part for the G0125B adjustable front oneway set. This set..


Adj Front Oneway Set SPEC2 IF15 New

Adj Front Oneway Set SPEC2 IF15

Adjustable Front Oneway Set Spec2 for IF15This is an upgraded version of the IF15 front oneway set. ..




INFINITY Oil Bag (19x15x10cm)This INFINITY oil bag is for storing silicon shock oil and silicon diff..


INFINITY Plastic Box L New

INFINITY Plastic Box L

INFINITY Plastic Box Large (57x31.5x17cm)This black plastic storage box offers greater strength and ..


INFINITY Plastic Box

INFINITY Plastic Box (47x21.5x13cm)This black plastic storage box offers greater strength and durabi..


Rear Pulley 48T

Rear Pulley 48T for IF18Replacement rear pulley...


Pulley Set B

Pulley Set B (for Main Shaft)Replacement pulley for IF18 main shaft...


Pulley Set A

Pulley Set A (for Front oneway, Middle Shaft)Replacement pulleys..


Chassis Weight 9.5g IF15

Chassis Weight 9.5g IF15This is a 9.5g chassis weight for the IF15.  By combining it with the c..


Servo Saver B Set

Servo Saver B SetThis is the set of the servo saver parts, which are highly consumable parts include..