Hopup parts for Tamiya TRF420

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Hub Axle Rear

Wheel Hub Axle for BD10 Rear / Xray T4 & TRF420 Front:Rear  4mm (1pc)The Axon Wheel Hub Axe..


Hub Pin Set

Wheel Hub Axle Stop Pin Set (BD10 Rear/Xray T4/TRF420 Front& Rear)Replacement pin set...


Infinity Body Post Cutter

Infinity Body Post CutterThis tool enables you to cut and then chamfer the ends of the plastic body ..


Teflon Slider Shim

Teflon Slider Shim for 3mm Shaft/0.5mm (8pcs)Reduced friction Teflon shims to keep your suspension a..


Wheel Hub Axle Shim

Wheel Hub Axle Bearing Shim (4pcs)Shims for the Axon hub axle...