IF18 optional parts

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Alu Sx Horn Set

ALUMINUM SERVO HORN SETA new aluminum servo horn designed specifically for the IF18. 23T specificati..


Lwt Alu Servo Horn

Lightweight Aluminum Servo HornThis horn is made of highly rigid aluminum 7075 material to provide a..


Stealth Line LEFTY RL Long

STEALTH LINE LEFTY SPRING RL (Long/2pcs)Rear springs for 1/8 GP cars...


Stealth Line RL Long

STEALTH LINE SPRING RL (Long/2pcs)Rear springs for 1/8 GP cars.Please select from the available spri..


Stealth Line RS Short

STEALTH LINE SPRING (Short/2pcs)Short front springs for 1/8 GP.Please select from the available spri..


0.8M 1st Spur Gear

0.8M 1st Spur Gear1st gear spur gears for the IF18...


0.8M 2nd Spur Gears

0.8M 2nd Spur Gears2nd gear spur gears for the IF18...



ALUMINUM LONG BRAKE LEVER for IF18R0283High-precision machine cut of 7075 aluminum material. Compare..


Alu Servo Saver Up IF18

Aluminum Servo Saver Set (Up Side) for IF18R0259The maintenance and adjustability is greatly improve..


Alu Ultra Hard Spring Guide

Ultra Hard Coated Aluminum Spring Guide (IF18-2/2pcs)R0339High-precision machined aluminum spring gu..


Alu Washer 3x6.5x0.75mm (Silver)

ALUMINUM WASHER 3x6.5x0.75mm (Silver/10pcs)A736075Aluminum washer with silver finish...


Alu Washer 3x6mm (Black)

Aluminum Washer 3x6mm (Black/10pcs)Please select from the available sizes:3x6x0.5mm3x6x1.0mm3x6x2.0m..


Alum Washer 3x8mm

Aluminum Washer 3x8mm (Black/8pcs)High-precision machined aluminum spacer with black color alumite t..


BALL SCREW (Ti) Narrow Long

BALL SCREW φ8.5mm (TITANIUM) 2pcs Narrow LongR0199LOptional titanium ball screws...



BALL SCREW φ8.5mm (TITANIUM) 2pcs NarrowR0199NOptional titanium ball screws...