Chassis weights

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20mm Dbl Side Tape

20mm Doubled Sided TapeThin 20mm wide double-sided tape recommended for wing ends and weights...


30mm Dbl Side Tape

30mm Doubled Sided TapeThin 30mm wide double-sided tape recommended for wing ends and weights...


Center Weight 15g -25%

Center Weight 15g

Center Balance Weight 15g..

$18.99 $14.25

Center Weight 30g -25%

Center Weight 30g

Center Balance Weight 30g..

$20.99 $15.75

Chassis Middle Weight

Chassis Middle WeightOptional partMiddle chassis weight 13g..


Chassis Weight 14g IF15

Chassis Weight 14g for IF15This chassis weight is 14g and is half of the G121 original optional chas..


Chassis Weight 9.5g IF15

Chassis Weight 9.5g IF15This is a 9.5g chassis weight for the IF15.  By combining it with the c..


Chassis Weight IF15

Chassis Weight for IF15Optional 28g weight for the IF15...


Chassis Weight L

Chassis Weight LOptional partLeft side chassis weight 16g..


Chassis Weight R

Chassis Weight ROptional partRight side chassis weight 15g..


Front Balance Weight

Front Balance WeightIncludes:Left side 10gRight side 10g..



INFINITY RACING WEIGHT (BLACK/5G/10PCS)Black color original racing weight with Infinity logo. Suppli..


Rear Balance Weight

Rear Balance WeightIncludes:Left side 5gRight side 5 g..


SMJ Batt Weight

SMJ Battery Weight Plate 30gElectric touring cars with lightweight LCG batteries with low center of ..


SMJ Racing Weight

SMJ Racing Weight (Black/5g/10pcs)SMJ's original 5g racing weights with SMJ logo. Each wei..