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30mm Dbl Side Tape

30mm Doubled Sided TapeThin 30mm wide double-sided tape recommended for wing ends and weights...


Affix Black Tips

Affix Black Tips (10pcs)XAT 0312Metal gluing tips for bottles...


Clear Protection Sheet

AXON Clear Protection Sheet for BatteryAC-BS-001Transparent & Ultra thin (0.1mm) special shock a..


Dbl-Sided Tape Thin

Double-Sided Tape Thin Type (20x100mm/4pcs)SMJ1161This tape is only 0.15mm thick and best suited for..


Double-sided Tape

DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE (20x100mm / 4pcs)Reed-type double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive adhesi..


Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear)

Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear/5g)Glue for polycarbonate only. Ideal for bonding polycarbonate parts ..


Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop Mounting Tape (16pcs)XAT 0302The hook and loop mounting tape is a great way to help ..


HS Prevention Glue

High Side Prevention GlueTRX-42Square RC's side wall glue helps to prevent traction rolling without ..



NON-SLIP RUBBER TAPE (25x100x0.5mm/2pcs)SMJ1025This is a special kind of rubber tape with a fine gra..


Pro-Line Glue Tips

Pro-Line Tire Glue TipsThis is set of extra Glue Tips for Pro-Line Tire Glue. Pro-Line now offers ex..


SMJ Teflon Batt Tape

SMJ Teflon Battery Tape (25x130x0.15mm/Black)SMJ1191This is a 0.15mm-thick Teflon tape. Put this ver..


Strong Flex Alu Flex Tape

Strong Flex Aluminum Flex TapeAC-TA-501This aluminum tape can shield parts and the body from heat. A..


Zero Gap Foam Tape Thin

Zero Gap Foam Tape Thin Type (1mm/16x160mm/4pcs)This thin type "zero gap" foam tape is only 1.0mm th..



ULTRA CLEAR BODY REPAIR TAPE (30 X 500MM)SMJ1032This ultra clear tape is invisible so that you can a..