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20mm Dbl Side Tape

20mm Doubled Sided TapeThin 20mm wide double-sided tape recommended for wing ends and weights...


24mm Tips (5pcs)

24mm Stainless Steel Dispenser Needle (5-pack)The Black Fabrica 2mm Stainless Steel Dispenser Needle..


30mm Dbl Side Tape

30mm Doubled Sided TapeThin 30mm wide double-sided tape recommended for wing ends and weights...


Clear Protection Sheet

AXON Clear Protection Sheet for BatteryTransparent & Ultra thin (0.1mm) special shock absorbing ..


Dbl-Sided Tape Thin

Double-Sided Tape Thin Type (20x100mm/4pcs)This tape is only 0.15mm thick and best suited for attach..


Double-sided Tape

DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE (20x100mm / 4pcs)Reed-type double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive adhesi..


Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear)

Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear/5g)Glue for polycarbonate only. Ideal for bonding polycarbonate parts ..


Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop Mounting Tape (16pcs)The hook and loop mounting tape is a great way to help keep you..


HS Prevention Glue

High Side Prevention GlueSquare RC's side wall glue helps to prevent traction rolling without harden..



NON-SLIP RUBBER TAPE (25x100x0.5mm/2pcs)This is a special kind of rubber tape with a fine grain on t..


Pro-Line Glue Tips

Pro-Line Tire Glue TipsThis is set of extra Glue Tips for Pro-Line Tire Glue. Pro-Line now offers ex..


SMJ Teflon Batt Tape

SMJ Teflon Battery Tape (25x130x0.15mm/Black)This is a 0.15mm-thick Teflon tape. Put this very thin ..


Strong Flex Alu Flex Tape New

Strong Flex Alu Flex Tape

Strong Flex Aluminum Flex TapeThis aluminum tape can shield parts and the body from heat. Also, add ..