ASM Accessories

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Aluminum Clutch Bell

Clutch Bell MRX1/8 aluminum clutch bell with a special coating.Helps prevent wearExceptional grip wi..


228 Manifold

228 Manifold228 Manifold is suitable for medium to high speeds...


7.0mm Reducer

Carb Reducer 7.0mmOS carb reducer...


8.0mm Reducer

Carb Reducer 8.0mmOS carb reducer...


Carb Rubber Band

Carburetor Return Rubber Band (Black/Gray/each 10pcs)This rubber band makes the return of the carbur..


Clutch Nut Gauge

Infinity Clutch Nut Clearance GaugeThe gauge accurately measures the amount the clutch nut has been ..


Clutch Shoe Soft

Clutch Shoe Soft for MRXNew soft material for the MRX and Infinity clutch when using the Nuclear clu..


Clutch Spring 1/10 (S Soft)

SMJ Clutch Spring for 1/10 GP Touring (Super Soft)..


Clutch Spring v2

Clutch Spring v2This is a clutch spring from Gianni Giorgio that will work for 1/8 and 1/10 GP cars...


Fuel Ad

Fuel Ad 100mlThis product is a fuel additive for YURUGIX finalized engine and for running.This allow..


Fuel Tube (Grey)

Fuel Tube (Grey)Replacement Fuel Tube (Grey) for the IF18...


Fuel Tube Clamp

Fuel Tube Clamp (3pcs)This tube clamp will hold your pressure pipe firmly in place on the fuel tank ..


Glow Plug Pit Caddy

Red1RC Glow Plug Pit CaddyThe Red1RC Glow Plug Pit Caddy will hold 3 glow plugs and easily clip..