Infinity bearings

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8x12x3.5mm Bearing

8x12x3.5mm Bearing 2pcsReplacement 8x12x3.5mm bearing for the IF18...


Bearing 10x15x4 IF15

Bearing 10x15x4mm for IF15 (2pcs)..


Bearing 5x10x4mm IF11

Ball Bearing 5x10x4mm (Rubber Shield/2pcs) for IF11..


Bearing 6x12x4 IF15

Bearing 6x12x4mm for IF15 (2pcs)..


Bearing 6x13x5 IF15

Bearing 6x13x5mm for IF15 (2pcs)..


Bearing SP 12x18x4 10pcs

Bearing SP 12x18x4 10pcsOptional partHigh quality and made in Japan..


Bearing SP 12x18x4 2pcs

Bearing SP 12x18x4 2pcsOptional partHIgh quality and made in Japan..