AXON bearings in metric sizes offered in X9 or X10 versions.

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X10 8x5x2.5mm

X10 Ball Bearing 850 (8x5x2.5) 2pcsThe X10 bearings feature ball races that are built using highly p..


X10 Set BD8 '18 -37%

X10 Set BD8 '18

X10 Ball Bearing Set for BD8 2018Includes:630 (x2)850 (x1)1050 (x5)1060 (x4)1510 (x4)..

$77.99 $48.99

X10 Set BD9 '19

X10 Ball Bearing Set for BD9 2019Includes:1050 (x10)1510 (x4)..


X10 Set IF14

X10 Ball Bearing Set for IF14Includes:850 (x2)1050 (x6)1050s (x2)1510 (x4)..


X10 Set TRF419XR

X10 Ball Bearing Set for TRF419XRIncludes:630 (x2)850F (x2)1050 (x6)1050s (x2)1510 (x4)..


X10 Set Xray T4'19

X10 Ball Bearing Set for Xray T4 2019Includes:1050 (x8)1510 (x4)950 (x2)..


X9 10x5x3mm

X9 Ball Bearing 1050s (10x5x3) 2pcsX9 ball bearing is the ultimate low friction ball bearing which r..


X9 Set for Dancing Rider

X9 Ball Bearing Set for T3-01 Dancing RiderX9 bearing set for the Dancing Rider includes:630 (x4)106..


X9 Set IF11

X9 Ball Bearing Set for IF11X9 bearing set for the IF11 includes:1050 (x4)3/8 (x2)3/8F (x3)..


X9 Set M-06

X9 Ball Bearing Set for M-06X9 bearing set for the M-06 includes:850 (x6)1150 (x12)..


X9 Set M-07

X9 Ball Bearing Set for M-07X9 bearing set for the M-07 includes:840 (x1)850 (x1)1050 (x8)1150 ..


X9 Set TA07PRO

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TA07PROX9 bearing set for the TA07PRO includes:630 (x2)730 (x3)840 (x3)..


X9 Set TB-05

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TB-05X9 bearing set for the TB-05 includes:950 (x1)950F (x1)1050 (x10)1..


X9 Set TRF419XR

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TRF419XRX9 bearing set for the TRF419XR includes:630 (x2)850F (x2)1050 (x6)1..


X9 Set TT-01 type E

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TT-01 type EX9 bearing set for the TT-01 type E includes:850 (x4)1150 (..


X9 Set TT-02

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TT-02X9 bearing set for the TT-02 includes:1050 (x8)1150 (x4)1280 (x4)..