Transmitter, receiver and servo accessories.

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10GA Black

Silicon Wire2 10GA BlackFlexible 10GA black silicon wire. Approx length is 50cm.  Great for cha..


12GA Black

Silicon Wire2 12GA BlackFlexible 12Ga black silicon wire. Approx length 50cm.  High power wire ..


16GA Black

Silicon Wire2 16GA BlackFlexible 16GA black silicon wire.  Approx length 50cm. Great for 1/12 c..


Advantage Cap C

Advantage Capacitor CThe Advantage capacitor C is connected to an ESC for a brushless motor.This cap..


Ext Wire 200mm

Extension Wire Black (High Current) 200mmHigh current version of the servo extension wire. Has same ..


Ext Wire 80mm

Extension Wire Black (High Current) 80mmHigh current version of the servo extension wire. Has same s..


ICS-USB Adapter HS

ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed)ICS-USB Adapter HS is for interacting with KO products via your PC. &..


Mega Cap

Mega Advantage CapacitorThis is a capacitor exclusively for stock motors with no ESC timing, which g..


Rx Mode Selector

Receiver Mode SelectorConnecting this product to each channel of the HCS receiver can change the con..


SMJ Wireless Charger

SMJ Wireless Charger Set (for Sanwa M17, MT44)With this charger, you can charge the SANWA M17 transm..


Sx Model Selector

Servo Model SelectorThe servo model selector allows you to change the different model memories in RS..


Sx Plug Set

Servo Connector Plug Set (Black/Gold Plated)Gold plated connector and connector housing...


Sx Wire Black

Servo Wire Black (Gold Plated)Replacement servo wire for the RSx12 series servos.  Can be used ..


Sx Wire Black (High Current)

Servo Wire Black (High Current)Replacement servo wire for KO high current applications (RSx3/BSx3 se..


XT60 Female

XT60 Connector Female 2 sets (Black)The next-generation connector XT60 with performance and safety t..