Electronics including transmitters, receivers, servo, batteries and other accessories.

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10GA Black

Silicon Wire2 10GA BlackFlexible 10GA black silicon wire. Approx length is 50cm.  Great for cha..


12GA Black

Silicon Wire2 12GA BlackFlexible 12Ga black silicon wire. Approx length 50cm.  High power wire ..


16GA Black

Silicon Wire2 16GA BlackFlexible 16GA black silicon wire.  Approx length 50cm. Great for 1/12 c..


3D Ext Unit

3D Extension Unit for KIYThe world's first three dimensional extension unit and it freely changes wi..


Advantage Cap C

Advantage Capacitor CThe Advantage capacitor C is connected to an ESC for a brushless motor.This cap..


Advantage Cap D New

Advantage Cap D

Advantage Cap DThis is a Capacitor for the Drift category. Its use by connecting to a Brushless moto..


Alu Sx Tab Spacers

Aluminum Servo Tab Spacers (4pcs)The aluminum servo tab spacers allow for a direct mount of your ser..


Battery Stand Unit

Battery Stand UnitThe stand unit allows the use of different batteries and also alters the center of..


Black Antenna Tubes

Black Antenna Tubes w/ End Caps (3pcs)Each antenna tube is approx. 14 inches long and each includes ..


BSx3 one10 Grasper

BSx3 one10 Grasper[Specs]Torque: 10.8Kg-cm  Speed: 0.09sec/60deg(@7.4v)Torque: 8.0Kg-cm  S..


Carbon Horn 1/12

Carbon Servo Horn for 1/12This is a direct mount for the horn and no servo saver is used. *Hard..


Carbon Horn 16.5mm

Carbon Servo Horn 16.5mmMade for 23T splines (KO). Includes one 16.5mm length servo horn. Thickness ..


Carbon Horn 18.5mm

Carbon Servo Horn 18.5mmMade for 23T splines (KO). Includes one 18.5mm length horn. Thickness of the..


Carbon Horn 20mm

Carbon Servo Horn 20mmMade for 23T splines (KO). Includes one 20mm length horn. Thickness of the car..


EX-RR ST2 + KR-415 short (x2)

EX-RR ST2 w/KR-415FHD Short Antenna (Double Receiver Set)Superior durability and operation feeling l..



EX-RR ST2 w/KR-415FHD Short AntennaSuperior durability and operation feeling led by new angle sensor..