AXON's X9 series of bearings.

High quality and high grade bearings made in Japan.

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X9 10x5x3mm

X9 Ball Bearing 1050s (10x5x3) 2pcsX9 ball bearing is the ultimate low friction ball bearing which r..


X9 Set for Dancing Rider

X9 Ball Bearing Set for T3-01 Dancing RiderX9 bearing set for the Dancing Rider includes:630 (x4)106..


X9 Set IF11

X9 Ball Bearing Set for IF11X9 bearing set for the IF11 includes:1050 (x4)3/8 (x2)3/8F (x3)..


X9 Set TRF419XR

X9 Ball Bearing Set for TRF419XRX9 bearing set for the TRF419XR includes:630 (x2)850F (x2)1050 (x6)1..