Intake and exhaust parts

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8.0mm Reducer

Carb Reducer 8.0mmOS carb reducer...


ASM 2157 Pipe

ASM EFRA 2157 PipeASM pipe for .21 on-road engines. This pipe has more back pressure compared to the..


ASM 2157 Pipe Set

ASM EFRA 2157 Pipe & 32 ManifoldASM pipe and 32 manifold for .21 on-road engines. This pipe has ..


ASM 32 Manifold

ASM 32 ManifoldCompliments the ASM EFRA 2157 pipe...


ASM 32W Manifold

ASM 32W ManifoldCompliments the ASM EFRA 2157 pipe. Shorter then the 32 manifold for increase RPM...


ASM 34 Manifold

ASM 34 ManifoldCompliments the ASM EFRA 2157 pipe and is a longer header and gives a little more bot..


Ex. Seal Ring 12 (2pcs)

OS Exhaust Seal Ring (2pcs)Exhaust seal rings for the T1202 and header. Includes 2 pieces...



EXHAUST SEAL RING 21Exhaust seal gaskets for the ASM 21 (2pcs)..


Induction Silencer

Induction SilencerINS box for .12 or .21 engines made by OS...


Induction Silencer Filter

Induction Silencer Filter (3pcs)Replacement induction silencer filters made by OS, 3 pieces included..


Joint Spring SC Series

Joint Spring SC SeriesSprings to connect header to the pipe...


Manifold Spring (77mm)

Manifold Spring (77mm)Replacement manifold springs for T1202...


OS Tuned Silencer Complete Set

OS Tuned Silencer Complete Set OS Speed T-2080SC header, pipe springs and exhaust gaskets inclu..