ASM Engines

ASM Engines

ASM GP engines are OS based and from the parent company Nuclear.

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Aluminum Clutch Bell

Clutch Bell MRX1/8 aluminum clutch bell with a special coating.Helps prevent wearExceptional grip wi..


Ball Bearing (Front) ASM21

Ball Bearing (Front) ASM21Replacement front bearing for the ASM21...


Ball Bearing Ceramic (Rear) ASM21

Ball Bearing Ceramic (Rear) ASM21Replacement rear bearing for the ASM21...


Build-up Parts Set (C&P)

Build-up Parts Set (C&P) ASM21-R01SPRebuild kit for the ASM21-R01SP and OS R2102 engines.Include..


Carburetor Complete ASM21

Carburetor Complete ASM21Complete ASM21 carburetor...


Carburetor Gasket 21

Carburetor Gasket 21Replacement carburator gasket (o-ring)...


Carburetor Gasket 25

Carburetor Restrictor Gasket 25 (2pcs)Replacement carburetor restrictor o-rings, two in a package...


Clutch Shoe Soft

Clutch Shoe Soft for MRXNew soft material for the MRX and Infinity clutch when using the Nuclear clu..


Complete Break In Build-up Parts

Complete Break In Build-up Parts Set (C&P) ASM21-R01SPNeed to freshen up your engine but don't h..


Connecting Rod ASM21

Connecting Rod ASM21Replacement connecting rod for the ASM 21...


Connection Rod Type 2/3/4

Connection Rod ASM21 Type 2/3/4Replacement connecting rod for the ASM21 Type 2/3/4.This part has a s..


Cover Gasket

Cover Gasket (S-22 O-Ring)Cover gasket installs on the back plate...