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Body Wing Precut

Body Wing Precut for 1/10 Touring Body (Twister, Hurricane, etc)..



BrutaleA name that embodies the essence of this project:maximum performance in terms of corning spee..


D9 -32%


D9 Clear BodyD9 is PROTOform's new aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much suc..

$27.96 $18.99

F1 Rear Wing

F1 Rear Wing for 1:10 Formula 1There were three main ingredients the team at PROTOform took into con..


F1 v2 Front Wing

V2 F1 Front WingThe V2 F1 Front Wing features 3-way adjustability to suit any condition your track t..


Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear)

Glue for Polycarbonate (Clear/5g)Glue for polycarbonate only. Ideal for bonding polycarbonate parts ..


Hurricane 1/10 EP

Hurricane 1/10 EP Body (no cut)High downforce body for stock and modified racing.Available in Super ..


LTC-R -32%


LTC-R The PROTOform LTC-R has become the industry standard race body for rubber tire touring ca..

$27.96 $18.99

Mazdaspeed6 -30%


Mazdaspeed6 Weight Clear BodyThe Mazdaspeed 6 has been the body of choice for countless champions ar..

$27.16 $18.99

MS7 -32%


MS7 Clear Body for 190mmThe MS7 is PROTOform's new contender for high-grip track conditions. With a ..

$27.96 $18.99

Slotted Carbon Side Wings 190mm

Slotted Carbon Side Wings 190mmDesigned using the most advanced CFD software, the new Xtreme Aerodyn..


Spec6 -21%


The Spec6 is a fresh new take on the classic PROTOform body that captured the 2008 IFMAR Worlds at t..

$27.96 $21.99

Twister 1/10 EP

Twister 1/10 EP BodyHigh downforce body for stock and modified racing.Available in Super Light and U..


Twister Speciale

Twister Speciale 1/10 EP BodyThe Twister SPECIALE design has been developed using the most advanced ..


Type-S -21%


The Type-S is PROTOform’s new high downforce racing body. For modified classes o..

$27.96 $21.99

Wing Endplate w/Slit (Black)

SMJ Wing Endplate with Slit for 1/10 TC (Black/0.5mm/2pcs)A wing endplate with slits to control the ..