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Body Wing Precut

Body Wing Precut for 1/10 Touring Body (Twister, Hurricane, etc)..


Brutale New


BrutaleA name that embodies the essence of this project:maximum performance in terms of corning spee..


D9 -32%


D9 Clear BodyD9 is PROTOform's new aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much suc..

$27.96 $18.99

F1 Rear Wing

F1 Rear Wing for 1:10 Formula 1There were three main ingredients the team at PROTOform took into con..


F1 v2 Front Wing

V2 F1 Front WingThe V2 F1 Front Wing features 3-way adjustability to suit any condition your track t..


Hurricane 1/10 EP

Hurricane 1/10 EP Body (no cut)High downforce body for stock and modified racing.Available in Super ..


LTC-R -32%


LTC-R The PROTOform LTC-R has become the industry standard race body for rubber tire touring ca..

$27.96 $18.99

Mazdaspeed6 -30%


Mazdaspeed6 Weight Clear BodyThe Mazdaspeed 6 has been the body of choice for countless champions ar..

$27.16 $18.99

MS7 -32%


MS7 Clear Body for 190mmThe MS7 is PROTOform's new contender for high-grip track conditions. With a ..

$27.96 $18.99

RC Mission Twister Wing

RC Mission Twister WingHigh downforce wing for Twister bodies. Available in 0.5 or 0.7 thickness...


Slotted Carbon Side Wings 190mm

Slotted Carbon Side Wings 190mmDesigned using the most advanced CFD software, the new Xtreme Aerodyn..


Spec6 -21%


The Spec6 is a fresh new take on the classic PROTOform body that captured the 2008 IFMAR Worlds at t..

$27.96 $21.99

Twister 1/10 EP

Twister 1/10 EP BodyHigh downforce body for stock and modified racing.Available in Super Light and U..


Twister Speciale

Twister Speciale 1/10 EP BodyThe Twister SPECIALE design has been developed using the most advanced ..


Type-S -21%


The Type-S is PROTOform’s new high downforce racing body. For modified classes o..

$27.96 $21.99