1/10 Bodies

1/10 Bodies
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D9 -32%


D9 Clear BodyD9 is PROTOform's new aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much suc..

$27.96 $18.99


F1-Fifteen Body 1/10 Formula 1A sleek, low nose, side-pod undercuts, and injection molded black nylo..



F26 Body 1/10 Formula 1Usher in a new line of race bodies for your 1:10 Formula 1 car, foc..


Hammer 0.75mm

Hammer Light Weight Clear Body 200mm 0(no cut)Xtreme Aero 1/10 GP sedan body with no cuts made from ..


LTC-R -32%


LTC-R The PROTOform LTC-R has become the industry standard race body for rubber tire touring ca..

$27.96 $18.99

Mazdaspeed6 -30%


Mazdaspeed6 Weight Clear BodyThe Mazdaspeed 6 has been the body of choice for countless champions ar..

$27.16 $18.99

MS7 -32%


MS7 Clear Body for 190mmThe MS7 is PROTOform's new contender for high-grip track conditions. With a ..

$27.96 $18.99

P47-N Light Wt

P47-N Light WeightThe P47 is the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring..


PRO-TC Wing 200mm

PRO-TC Wing Kit (200mm)PROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for you..


R10 Avenge

R10 Avenge  (no cut)Extreme Aero 1/10 GP R10 Avenge body not cut.*Please choose the body weight..



The Spec6 is a fresh new take on the classic PROTOform body that captured the 2008 IFMAR Worlds at t..


SRS-N Light Wt -32%

SRS-N Light Wt

SRS-N Light Weight Clear Body 200mmNitro sedan racing has never seen a body quite like the PROTOform..

$27.96 $18.99


Turismo Clear BodyElectric touring car racing has undergone yet another evolution since the multi-na..



The Type-S is PROTOform’s new high downforce racing body. For modified classes o..


1/10 Fender & Body Post Protectors

1/10 Fender & Body Post ProtectorsThis is a set of PROTOform Fender & Body Post PROtectors, ..