1/12, 1/10, 1/8, and F1 bodies.

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AMR-12 Clear BodyOne of the longest running classes in R/C, 1/12th On-Road is still a favorite with ..


1/8 Stiffeners Extra

1/8 Xtreme Side Stiffeners for Added Exhaust and Pipe ClearanceWith the newer style of straight exha..


Body Mount 5mm

Body Mount Patch 5mm (10pcs)The body mount patch offers extra reinforcement around each body mountin..


Body Wing Precut

Body Wing Precut for 1/10 Touring Body (Twister, Hurricane, etc)..



CZ1 Nitro Sedan 200mm bodyXtreme Aerodynamics is proud to introduce the state-of-art for 1/10 Nitro ..


D9 -32%


D9 Clear BodyD9 is PROTOform's new aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much suc..

$27.96 $18.99

Hammer (IF15)

Hammer Light Weight Clear Body 200mm (Precut for Infinity)Xtreme Aero 1/10 GP sedan body precut for ..


Hammer 0.75mm

Hammer Light Weight Clear Body 200mm 0(no cut)Xtreme Aero 1/10 GP sedan body with no cuts made from ..


Hurricane 1/10 EP

Hurricane 1/10 EP Body (no cut)High downforce body for stock and modified racing.Available in Super ..


Light Wt Spoiler Set

Light Weight Lip Spoiler Set (for 1/10 GP Racing Bodyshell)This lightweight rear lip spoiler is a mu..


LTC-R -32%


LTC-R The PROTOform LTC-R has become the industry standard race body for rubber tire touring ca..

$27.96 $18.99

Mazdaspeed6 -30%


Mazdaspeed6 Weight Clear BodyThe Mazdaspeed 6 has been the body of choice for countless champions ar..

$27.16 $18.99

MS7 -32%


MS7 Clear Body for 190mmThe MS7 is PROTOform's new contender for high-grip track conditions. With a ..

$27.96 $18.99

P47-N Light Wt

P47-N Light WeightThe P47 is the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring..


RC Mission Twister Wing

RC Mission Twister WingHigh downforce wing for Twister bodies. Available in 0.5 or 0.7 thickness...


Spec6 -21%


The Spec6 is a fresh new take on the classic PROTOform body that captured the 2008 IFMAR Worlds at t..

$27.96 $21.99