Suspension Parts

Suspension Parts

IF15-2 Suspension Parts

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5.8mm Sway Bar Ball (IF15-2)

5.8mm Sway Bar Ball (IF15-2)Please choose from the following sizes:1.9mm2.1mm2.3mm2.5mm..


Alu Ball Screw 8mm (R) IF15

Aluminum Ball Screw 8mm Rear for IF15 (2pcs)G079..


Alu Washer 3x6mm (Black)

Aluminum Washer 3x6mm (Black/10pcs)Please select from the available sizes:3x6x0.5mm3x6x1.0mm3x6x2.0m..


Ball Joint 4.9mm

Ball Joint 4.9mm SetT008Included:Ball Joint 4.9mm open (6pcs)Ball Joint 4.9mm closed (4pcs)Anti-roll..


Bearing 5x8x2.5mm

Bearing 5x8x2.5mm 2pcsR0173/BB5825..


Cap Screw 10mm 2pcs

Cap Screw 10mm 2pcsR0070Used in the front and rear uprights..


F Lower Shaft IF15

Front Lower Suspension Shaft 3x62.5mm for IF15G087..


F Shock Tower (Short/7075)

FRONT SHOCK TOWER (Short/7075)G153Front shock tower for IF15 and IF15W short shocks. Suspension stro..


F Spring 1.6x5.75 IF15

Front Shock Spring 1.6x5.75 for IF15G105..


F Upper Shaft IF15

Front Upper Suspension Shaft 3x43mm for IF15G088..


F Upper Sus Mount IF15

Front Upper Suspension Mount Set for IF15G058..


Flange Ball 5.8mm (Aluminum) 4pcs

Flange Ball 5.8mm (Aluminum) 4pcsR0057Used for mounting shock ends.Used for steering and throttle li..


Front Disk IF15

Front Knuckle Disk (Carbon) for IF15G116-F..