Optional Parts

Optional Parts

IF14-2 TE Optional parts

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Alu Adj Servo Horn

Alu Adjustable Servo HornAdjust the length of the servo horn for a different steering feel.  Yo..


Carbon Servo Horn

Carbon Servo HornMade for 23T splines (KO).  Thickness of the carbon is 2.5mm.Please select fro..


HPS (Progressive)

World Spec Spring HPS (Progressive)ST-HPThe World Spec Spring HPS is the pursuit of further dev..


SH (Linear)

World Spec Spring SHAxon's super linear short spring makes driving easy. The SH spring exhibits a wo..


Silver Line TS (Linear)

SILVER LINE SPRING TS (Short/2pcs)New standard Short-type shock springs (20mm). SMJ selected a wire ..


Silver Line TS (Progressive)

SILVER LINE SPRING TS (Short/2pcs)This new progressive type of spring is popular among EP and GP tou..


Stealth Lefty TS (Linear)

Stealth Line Lefty Springs TS Series Linear (Short)The materials and manufacturing process of the co..


Stealth TS (Linear)

STEALTH LINE SPRING TS (Short/2pcs)The SMJ Silver Line Spring has been a longtime best-seller since ..


3x4x0.3mm Shims

3x4x0.3mm Shims (20pcs)A004-0304..


3x8 Ti FBH

Titanium Flanged Button Head Screw M3x8mm (4pcs)B01308FTOptional screws.  Also suitable as a wi..


Alu BH Screws (Red)

Aluminum Button Head Screw (Red/20pcs)A 20-pcs pack of button head screws, as used in the Aluminum &..


Alu Flex Main Chassis 2.0mm (TE)

Alu Flex Main Chassis 2.0mm (Team Edition)T330..


Alu Hex Wheel Hub

Alu Hex Wheel Hub (2pcs/B)Includes:Hex Wheel Hub Alu (2pcs)M2x5mm Cap Head Screw (2pcs)..


Alu Spring Retainer

Aluminum Shock Spring Retainer Collar (Black/4pcs) for IF14T138Made of precisely machined aluminum i..


Alu Suspension Plate

Aluminum Suspension Plate (2pcs)T182Replacement IF14-2 part...


Alu Washer 3x6mm (Black)

Aluminum Washer 3x6mm (Black/10pcs)Please select from the available sizes:3x6x0.5mm3x6x1.0mm3x6x2.0m..