Chassis Parts

Chassis Parts

IF14-2 TE chassis parts

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Alu Flex Main Chassis 2.0mm (TE)

Alu Flex Main Chassis 2.0mm (Team Edition)T330..


Alu Top Deck Bridge F

Aluminum Top Deck Bridge -FlexT243IF14-2 optional part...


Alu Top Deck Post

Aluminum Top Deck Post (Black)T181Replacement IF-14-2 part...


Alu Upper Bulkhead (TE)

Aluminum Upper Bulkhead (Team Edition)T312..


Batt Holder Wt Set

Battery Holder Weight Set (for Shorty Battery)T264Brass battery holder weights designed for INFINITY..


Battery Holder Clamp

Battery Holder Clamp (2pcs)T215Replacement IF14-2 parts...


Battery Holder Plate

Aluminum Battery Holder Plate (2pcs)T213Replacement IF14-2 parts...


Battery Holder Post

Aluminum Battery Holder Post (2pcs)T214Replacement IF14-2 parts...


BH Steel Screws (M3)

Button Head Steel Screws M3 Size (10pcs)Steel button head screws. Available in the following si..


Body Mount Set

Body Mount SetT017Includes:Body Post Front (2pcs)Body Post Rear (2pcs)Body Mount (4pcs)..


Dbl-Sided Tape Thin

Double-Sided Tape Thin Type (20x100mm/4pcs)SMJ1161This tape is only 0.15mm thick and best suited for..


Double-sided Tape

DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE (20x100mm / 4pcs)Reed-type double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive adhesi..


Foam Bumper IF14

Foam Bumper for IF14T161This is a smaller foam bumper for the IF14 which features a chamfered leadin..


Front Bumper

Front BumperT018Includes:Front BumperBody Mount Support..


Graphite Battery Holder

Graphite Battery Holder (2pcs)T212Replacement IF14-2 parts...


Graphite Main Chassis 2.25mm (TE)

Graphite Main Chassis 2.25mm (Team Edition)T328..