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IF14-2 FWD Chassis Parts

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Alu BH Screws (Red)

Aluminum Button Head Screw (Red/20pcs)A 20-pcs pack of button head screws, as used in the Aluminum &..


Alu HBP Mount

Alu HBP Mount (Black/2pcs)T266Replacement aluminum mounts for the HBP...


Alu Rear Bulkhead (IF14-2FWD/Black) -50%

Alu Rear Bulkhead (IF14-2FWD/Black)

Aluminum Rear Bulkhead (IF14-2FWD/Black)T277..

$29.75 $14.88

Alu Top Deck Bridge F

Aluminum Top Deck Bridge -FlexT243IF14-2 optional part...


Alum Flanged Collar M3x4x3.0mm

Alum Flanged Collar M3x4x3.0mm (Red/3pcs)T283..


Alum Mount Spacer M3x6x4.5mm

Alum Mount Spacer M3x6x4.5mm (Red/3pcs)T282..


Balancing Bumper Weight 85g (IF14-2Fwd)

Balancing Bumper Weight 85g  (IF14-2Fwd)T286..


Batt Holder Wt Set

Battery Holder Weight Set (for Shorty Battery)T264Brass battery holder weights designed for INFINITY..


Battery Holder Clamp

Battery Holder Clamp (2pcs)T215Replacement IF14-2 parts...


Battery Holder Plate

Aluminum Battery Holder Plate (2pcs)T213Replacement IF14-2 parts...


Battery Holder Post

Aluminum Battery Holder Post (2pcs)T214Replacement IF14-2 parts...


BH Steel Screws (M3)

Button Head Steel Screws M3 Size (10pcs)Steel button head screws. Available in the following si..


Body Mount Set

Body Mount SetT017Includes:Body Post Front (2pcs)Body Post Rear (2pcs)Body Mount (4pcs)..


Dbl-Sided Tape Thin

Double-Sided Tape Thin Type (20x100mm/4pcs)SMJ1161This tape is only 0.15mm thick and best suited for..


Double-sided Tape

DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE (20x100mm / 4pcs)Reed-type double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive adhesi..