Suspension Parts

Suspension Parts

IF18-2 suspension parts

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5.8mm LONG BALL 2.4mm (IF18-2)

5.8mm LONG ANTI-ROLL BAR BALL 2.4mm (IF18-2)..


5.8mm LONG BALL 2.7mm (IF18-2)

5.8mm LONG ANTI-ROLL BAR BALL 2.7mm (IF18-2)..


5.8mm LONG BALL 3.0mm (IF18-2)

5.8mm LONG ANTI-ROLL BAR BALL 3.0mm (IF18-2)..


7.8mm BALL SHORT (IF18-2)



7.8mm BALL [13.5 BASE] (IF18-2)

7.8mm BALL (for 13.5 KNUCKLE BASE) (IF18-2)..


Alu Flange Ball 5.8m (short)

Aluminum Flange Ball 5.8mm (short) 4pcsStandard part for IF18-2 lower shock mount...


Alu Front Upper Holder (IF18-2)

Aluminum Front Upper Arm Holder Set (IF18-2)Upper arm holder machined from 7075 aluminum material. T..


Ball End Set

Ball End SetSpare ball ends for the IF18-2. Newly released with the discontinuation of the exis..


Ball Screw Set 8.5mm (Titanium) 6pcs

Ball Screw Set 8.5mm (Titanium) 6pcsOptional partReplaces the steel ball screws..


F Lower Arm End (IF18-2) Soft

Front Lower Arm End (IF18-2) SoftUses a softer material than the standard R0303-01. Increases crash ..