IF15W parts

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Alu Adj Servo Horn

Alu Adjustable Servo HornAdjust the length of the servo horn for a different steering feel.  Yo..


Bearing 10x15x4

Bearing 10x15x4mm (2pcs)G103/BB10154..


1 Piece Mount IF15

1 Piece Engine Mount for IF15G122..


18T Pulley (Black)

18T Pulley Set Black for IF15G019-18BK..


19T Pulley (Black)

19T Pulley Set Black for IF15G019-19BK..


1st Pinion (IF15)

1st Pinion Gear for IF15Please choose from the following sizes:15T16T17T..


1st Spur (IF15)

1st Spur Gear for IF15Please choose from the following sizes:58T59T60T..


2 Speed Spring 1/10 Soft

2 Speed Spring for 1/10GP Touring Car(Soft/2pcs)SMJ11562 Speed spring matched for use with O.S. MAX ..


20T Pulley (Black)

20T Pulley Set Black for IF15G019-20BK..


25T Pulley (Black)

25T Pulley Set Black for IF15G019-25BK..


27T Pulley (Black)

27T Pulley Set Black for IF15G019-27BK..