IF15W parts

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2.6x10mm Flat Head Screws

M2.6x10mm Flat Head Screws (8pcs)The standard screws for the IF15/IF15W kit...


3x10 Ti Slim Head Screws

M3x10 Ti Slim Head Screws (4pcs)Machined from high-quality 64 titanium material, this screw is a dir..


A235 1/10GP Body (235mm)

SMJ A235 1/10GP BODYSHELL (235mm)This racing-style bodyshell is specially designed for 1/10 scale GP..


A235 1/10GP Body (Open Cockpit 235mm)

SMJ A235 1/10GP BODYSHELL (Open Cockpit 235mm)This racing-style bodyshell is specially designed for ..


Alu Center Bulk (IF15/W)

Aluminum Center Bulk (IF15/IF15W)This new aluminum center bulkhead ensures chassis rigidity in the c..


Alu Servo Saver (IF15/W)

Aluminum Servo Saver (IF15/IF15W)By replacing the original kit plastic part with this high-precision..


ALUM WASHER 3x6.5x0.75mm (Silver) New

ALUM WASHER 3x6.5x0.75mm (Silver)

ALUM WASHER 3x6.5x0.75mm (Silver/10pcs)Aluminum washer with silver finish...


C235 1/10GP Body (235mm)

SMJ C235 1/10GP BODYSHELL (235mm)High downforce type racing body developed for IF15W. The cut line i..


Chassis Weight 20g (IF15/IF15W)

Chassis Weight 20g20g chassis weights are now available to adjust the front/rear balance of the IF15..


FH M2x8mm

Flat Head Hex Socket Screw M2x8mm (10pcs)Replacement screws that are an alternative to G107 (M2x6mm)..