Steering Parts

Steering Parts

Replacement steering parts for the IF14-2

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Adj Steering Rack

Aluminum Adjustable Steering RackReplacement IF14-2 part...


Alu Adj Servo Horn (F)

Aluminum Adjustable Servo HornThis horn will work with Futaba servos...


Alu Adjustable Horn (S)

Alu Adjustable Servo HornThis horn will fit the Sanwa or KO servos using 23T spline...


Alu Bellcrank 18mm

Aluminum Bellcrank 18mm (7075/Black/2pcs)..


Alu Turnbuckle 42mm

Aluminum Turnbuckle M3x42mm (Red/2pcs)..


Alu Washer 1.0mm Black

Ride Height Adjust Aluminum Washer 1.0mm (Black/10pcs)Used with F065 axle height adjuster to set rea..


Alu Washer 3x6x3.0mm

Aluminum Washer 3x6x3.0mm (Red/10pcs)..


Ball Joint 4.9mm

Ball Joint 4.9mm SetIncluded:Ball Joint 4.9mm open (6pcs)Ball Joint 4.9mm closed (4pcs)Anti-roll Bar..


C-Hub Set (4 deg)

C-Hub Set (4 deg)Includes:C-Hub 4 Left (1pcs)C-Hub 4 right (1pcs)..


M2.6 6x6mm

M2.6 6x6mm Flat head Screw (8pcs)..


Servo Horn, Steering Arm

Servo Horn, Steering Arm SetIncludes:Steering Arm (2pcs)Servo Horn 23TServo Horn 24TServo Horn 25T..


Servo Mount

Aluminum Servo Mount (Black)Replacement IF14-2 part...


Servo Washer Red

Aluminum Servo Washer (Red/3pcs)Replacement IF14-2 parts...