Suspension Parts

Suspension Parts

IF11 Suspension Parts

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Alu 6mm Pivot Ball IF11

Alu 5mm Pivot Ball Set (5pcs) for IF11..


Alu Ball End M2.5x4.3 IF11

Aluminum Ball End M2x4.3mm (2pcs) for IF11..


Alu Center Damper Nut IF11

Aluminum Center Damper M3 Nut (2pcs) for IF11..


Alu Side Spring Retainer IF11

Aluminum Side Spring Retainer (2pcs) for IF11..


Alum Washer 3x6x2.0mm

Aluminum Washer 3x6x2.0mm (Black/10pcs)..


Ball end S 5.8mm 10pcs

Ball end S 5.8mm 10pcsUsed on the sway bars.Used on the throttle linkage from the servo horn to the ..


Center Spring 1.2 IF11

Center Spring 1.2 (1.2x28mm/8coils) for IF11..


F Spring 3.3 IF11

Front Spring 3.3 (0.5x6.6mm/5coils/2pcs) for IF11..


Graphite F Low Arm +2 IF11

Graphite Front Lower Arm (2mm Wide) for IF11..