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Chassis Parts

IF11 Chassis Parts

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Alu Rear Bulkhead IF11

Aluminum Rear Bulkhead (Black) for IF11F023..


Alu Rear Wing Post IF11

Alu Rear Wing Post (Black/2pcs) for IF11F036..


Alu Standoff IF11

Aluminum Standoff (12.8mm/Red/2pcs) for IF11F037..


Alu Washer 0.5mm Silver

Ride Height Adjust Aluminum Washer 0.5mm (Silver/10pcs)F066Used with F065 axle height adjuster to se..


Alu Washer 1.0mm Black

Ride Height Adjust Aluminum Washer 1.0mm (Black/10pcs)F067Used with F065 axle height adjuster to set..


Batt Holder O-Ring IF11

Battery Holder O-Ring  (3pcs) for IF11F038..


BH Hex M2x5mm

Button Head Hex Screw M2x5mm (10pcs)G108..


Body Post IF11

Body Post (4pcs) for IF11F048..


Dbl-Sided Tape Thin

Double-Sided Tape Thin Type (20x100mm/4pcs)SMJ1161This tape is only 0.15mm thick and best suited for..


Double-sided Tape

DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE TAPE (20x100mm / 4pcs)Reed-type double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive adhesi..


Graphite L Pod Plate IF11

Graphite Lower Pod Plate for IF11F042..


Graphite Main Chassis IF11

Graphite Main Chassis Plate for IF11F045..


Graphite Rear Wing Plate IF11

Graphite Rear Wing Mount Plate for IF11F046..


Graphite U Pod Plate IF11

Graphite Upper Pod Plate for IF11F043..


M3 Thin Nylon Nut

M3 Nylon Nut (Thin/Black/6pcs)B07302Used in the IF14 and IF15, IF15-2...