Chassis Parts

Chassis Parts

Chassis parts for the IF14

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3mm Countersunk Washers

3mm Countersunk Washers (Red/6pcs)Aluminum Cone Washer 3mm - Red (6pcs)..


Alu Battery Holder Set

Aluminum Battery Holder SetIncludes:Battery Holder A- Aluminum - BlackBattery Holder B - Aluminum - ..


Body Mount Set

Body Mount SetIncludes:Body Post Front (2pcs)Body Post Rear (2pcs)Body Mount (4pcs)..


Bulkhead Lower

Bulkhead Lower (Black/7075)Bulkhead lower -A Black..


Bulkhead Upper -A

Bulkhead Upper -A (Black/7075)..


Bulkhead Upper -B

Bulkhead Upper -B (Black/7075)..


Chassis Mounted Post

Chassis Mounted Aluminum Steering Post (Red/2pcs)..


Front Balance Weight

Front Balance WeightIncludes:Left side 10gRight side 10g..


Front Bumper

Front BumperIncludes:Front BumperBody Mount Support..


IF14 Alum Chassis

ALUMINUM FLEX MAIN CHASSIS (2mm/7075/BLACK)Aluminum flex chassis for the IF14 has the nice flex bala..


M2.6 6x6mm

M2.6 6x6mm Flat head Screw (8pcs)..


M2.6 6x8mm

M2.6 6x8mm Flat Head Screw (8pcs)..