Optional Parts

Optional Parts

Optional Parts for the Infinity car.

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Aluminum Clutch Bell

Clutch Bell MRX1/8 aluminum clutch bell with a special coating.Helps prevent wearExceptional grip wi..


0.8M 1st Spur 60T

0.8M 1st Spur Gear 60TOptional 0.8M 1st Spur 60T for the IF18...


0.8M 1st Spur 61T

0.8M 1st Spur Gear 61TOptional 0.8M 1st Spur 61T for the IF18...


0.8M 2nd Spur 56T

0.8M 2nd Spur Gear 56TOptional 0.8M 2nd spur gear 56T for the IF18...


0.8M 2nd Spur 57T

0.8M 2nd Spur Gear 57TOptional 0.8M 2nd spur gear 57T for the IF18...


0.8M Clutch Assy (Spec2)

0.8M Clutch Assembly (Spec 2)Replacement 0.8M clutch assembly for the IF18.This new Spec 2 version i..


2.5mm Upper Plate -15%

2.5mm Upper Plate

FRONT UPRIGHT UPPER PLATE (2.5mm) 2pcsOptional replacement for IF18..

$9.00 $7.65

2mm Stopper B

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper Black (4pcs)..


2mm Stopper BY

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper Dark Blue (4pcs)..


2mm Stopper G

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper Gold (4pcs)..


2mm Stopper R

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper Red (4pcs)..


2mm Stopper S

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper Silver (4pcs)..


2mm Stopper TB

2mm Aluminum Linkage Stopper TAMIYA Blue (4pcs)..


3x6 Steel BH

Steel Button Head Hex Screw 3x6mm (20pcs)..


3x6 Steel FH

Steel Flat Head Hex Screw 3x6mm (30pcs)Plated head meets JIS specs...


4X10 Ti UFO Screw

M4X10MM TITANIUM UFO HEAD SCREW (8PCS)Titanium UFO head screw. Offers a lightweight design while mai..