Suspension Parts

Suspension Parts
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2.5mm Upper Plate -50%

2.5mm Upper Plate

FRONT UPRIGHT UPPER PLATE (2.5mm) 2pcsOptional replacement for IF18..

$8.00 $4.00

3.0mm Upper Plate -50%

3.0mm Upper Plate

FRONT UPRIGHT UPPER PLATE (3.0mm) 2pcsReplacement upper plate for IF18...

$8.00 $4.00

Alu Front Lower Holder

Aluminum Front Lower Arm Holder Set 4pcs (IF-18-2)This part is machined from high-quality 7075 alumi..


Alu Offset Ball 7.8mm -50%

Alu Offset Ball 7.8mm

Offset Ball 7.8mm (Aluminum/2pcs)Light weight 7.8mm offset ball. 3g lighter then steel material...

$4.50 $2.25

Alu Ultra Hard Spring Guide

Ultra Hard Coated Aluminum Spring Guide (IF18-2/2pcs)R0339High-precision machined aluminum spring gu..


Alum Washer 3x8mm

Aluminum Washer 3x8mm (Black/8pcs)High-precision machined aluminum spacer with black color alumite t..


Ball end M 5.8mm 10pcs

Ball end M 5.8mm 10pcsUsed on the steering linkage from the front upright to the servo saver..


Ball end S 5.8mm 10pcs

Ball end S 5.8mm 10pcsUsed on the sway bars.Used on the throttle linkage from the servo horn to the ..



BALL SCREW (LONG) φ8.5mm 2pcsReplacement ball screws for the IF18..


BALL SCREW (Ti) Narrow Long

BALL SCREW φ8.5mm (TITANIUM) 2pcs Narrow LongOptional titanium ball screws...



BALL SCREW φ8.5mm (TITANIUM) 2pcs NarrowOptional titanium ball screws...


Ball Screw 5.8mm (2.4 hole) 2pcs

Ball Screw 5.8mm (2.4 hole) 2pcsUsed in front suspension arm to mount sway bar..


Ball Screw 8.5mm 2pcs

Ball Screw 8.5mm 2pcsUsed in the front uprights and rear uprights..


Ball Screw Set 8.5mm (Titanium) 6pcs

Ball Screw Set 8.5mm (Titanium) 6pcsOptional partReplaces the steel ball screws..


Bearing 5x8x2.5mm

Bearing 5x8x2.5mm 2pcsR0173/BB5825..