Chassis Parts

Chassis Parts
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5mm Chassis Conversion Set

5mm Chassis Conversion SetThe new chassis conversion set for INFINITY 1/8 racing car features a 5mm ..


Aluminum Upper Bulk L

Aluminum Upper Bulk LOptional PartReplaces the plastic rear upper bulk for the left side..


Aluminum Upper Bulk R

Aluminum Upper Bulk ROptional PartReplaces the plastic rear upper bulk for the right side..


Battery Plate (Carbon) Soft

Battery Plate (Carbon) SoftWith additional slots, this battery plate is less rigid than the one incl..


Chassis Middle Weight

Chassis Middle WeightOptional partMiddle chassis weight 13g..


Chassis Weight L

Chassis Weight LOptional partLeft side chassis weight 16g..


Chassis Weight R

Chassis Weight ROptional partRight side chassis weight 15g..


Engine Mount L.R.

Engine mount includes left and right sides...


Front Body Mount Plate (Carbon)

Front Body Mount Plate (Carbon Graphite)Option body mount plate...


Front Body Mount Post

Front Body Mount Post (8mm/2pcs)..