Infinity car kits and parts

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Alu Sx Horn Set

ALUMINUM SERVO HORN SETA new aluminum servo horn designed specifically for the IF18. 23T specificati..


0.8M 1st Spur Gear

0.8M 1st Spur Gear1st gear spur gears for the IF18...


0.8M 2 Speed Hub

0.8M 2 Speed HubR0245Replacement 0.8M 2 speed hub of the IF18...


0.8M 2 Speed Shoe Set

0.8M 2 Speed Shoe SetR0246Replacement 0.8M 2 speed shoe set for the IF18...


0.8M 2nd Housing

0.8M 2nd Gear HousingR0244Replacement 0.8M 2nd gear housing for the IF18...


0.8M 2nd Spur Gears

0.8M 2nd Spur Gears2nd gear spur gears for the IF18...


2.5x10.8mm Pin

2.5x10.8mm Pin (2pcs)R0245-01Replacement 2.5 x 10.8mm pin for the IF18...


4mm Belleville Washer IF11

4mm Belleville Washer (2pcs) for IF11F030..


8x12x3.5mm Bearing -50%

8x12x3.5mm Bearing

8x12x3.5mm Bearing 2pcsR0249Replacement 8x12x3.5mm bearing for the IF18...

$8.50 $4.25

Adj Front Oneway Set SPEC2 IF15

Adjustable Front Oneway Set Spec2 for IF15G125BThis is an upgraded version of the IF15 front oneway ..


Adj Oneway Shaft IF15

Adjustable Oneway Shaft for IF15G126Replacement shafts for the adjustable oneway...


Alu 5mm Pivot Ball IF11

Alu 5mm Pivot Ball (5pcs) for IF11F009..