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Nitro Sedan bodies

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P37-N Light Wt

P37-N Light Weight Clear Body 200mmFor years, the PROTOform Stratus 3.1 was one of the most popular ..


Hammer 0.75mm

Hammer Light Weight Clear Body 200mm 0(no cut)Xtreme Aero 1/10 GP sedan body with no cuts made from ..


P47-N Light Wt

P47-N Light WeightThe P47 is the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring..


R10 Avenge 0.75mm

R10 Avenge Light Weight 0.75mm (no cut)Extreme Aero 1/10 GP R10 Avenge body not cut...


R10 Avenge 1.0mm

R10 Avenge Standard Weight 1.0mm (no cut)Extreme Aero 1/10 GP R10 Avenge body not cut...


SMJ 200mm Gurney Flap Wing

SMJ 200mm Gurney Flap Wing (for PF P47)A great contributing factor in the victory of the 2018 World ..


SRS-N Light Wt

SRS-N Light Weight Clear Body 200mmNitro sedan racing has never seen a body quite like the PROTOform..


Zero Gap Tape

Zero Gap Foam TapeCombined use with SMJ1123 FOAM BUMPER, you are able to adjust the clearance of the..


DB16 200mm Wing

DB16 200mm Wing KitThe DB16 wing is an all-new, track-proven Lexan wing from PROTOform for use on yo..


SRC Spark

SRC514 Spark 200mmSRC's popular Spark 200mm sedan body...