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EP Bodies

Electric Bodies

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LTC 2.0 Light

LTC 2.0 Light Weight for 190mmThe next generation in the LTC is the 2.0. The most visible change is ..


LTC-R Light Weight

LTC-R Light WeightThe PROTOform LTC-R has become the industry standard race body for rubber tire tou..


Mazdaspeed6 Light

Mazdaspeed6 Light Weight for 190mmThe Mazdaspeed 6 has been the body of choice for countless champio..


PRO-TC Wing 190mm

PRO-TC Wing Kit 190mmPROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for your&..


Zero Gap Tape New

Zero Gap Tape

Zero Gap Foam TapeCombined use with SMJ1123 FOAM BUMPER, you are able to adjust the clearance of the..