1/8 Bodies

1/8 Bodies
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Body Mount Patch

Body Mount PatchPatch a body mount hole on the back surface. Reinforce around the hole and the paint..


Body Stiffener Rear

Body Stiffener for Rear (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Used for the rear. A very rigid one-piece struct..


Body Stiffener Set

Body Stiffener Set (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Optional 1/8 body shell stiffeners. A fine carbon mat..


Body Stiffener Side Wall

Body Stiffener for Side Wall (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Includes:4 side wall piecesPlastic fixing r..


P909 PRO-Light

P909 PRO-Light Clear BodyThe PROTOform P909 currently reigns as the top race body for the Kings of t..


R18 Ultra Light Pre-cut

R18 Ultra Light 0.75mm Pre-cut for INF1NITYXtreme Aerodynamics R18 Ultra light body, pre-cut for the..


R19 Light Weight

R19 Light Weight Clear BodyWith 2017 being a World Championship year for 1/8 Nitro, PROTOform i..


R19 PRO-Light Weight

R19 PRO-Light Weight Clear BodyWith 2017 being a World Championship year for 1/8 Nitro, PROTOform&nb..


Rear Body Support for INF1NITY/Mugen/BMT

KHC Rear Body Support for INF1NITY , Mugen, BMTThis rear body support goes on the rear body mount. I..


S3 Body Stiffener

New Generation S3 Smart Body Stiffener & WingBody stiffeners, wing and mounting hardware for Xte..


SRC 1/8 Wing

SRC555 1/8 WingSRC 1/8 wing compliments the SRC530 DTRS-EVO body for the perfect fit...



SRC530 DTRS-EVOSRC's 1/8 DTRS-EVO body.*Recommend using the SRC555 1/8 wing...


1/8 Aero Kit w/Spoiler & Stiffeners

1/8 Aero Kit w/Spoiler & StiffenersThis is a kit for 1/8 on-road bodies, suc..


PFR18 PRO-Light

PFR18 PRO-Light Clear Body2011 was a spectacular year for PROTOform in the 1/8th IC Nitro On-Road cl..