1/8 Bodies

1/8 Bodies
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Body Mount Patch

Body Mount PatchPatch a body mount hole on the back surface. Reinforce around the hole and the paint..


Body Stiffener Rear

Body Stiffener for Rear (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Used for the rear. A very rigid one-piece struct..


Body Stiffener Set

Body Stiffener Set (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Optional 1/8 body shell stiffeners. A fine carbon mat..


Body Stiffener Side Wall

Body Stiffener for Side Wall (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Includes:4 side wall piecesPlastic fixing r..


Rear Body Support 977

KHC Rear Body Support for Serpent 977This rear body support goes on the rear body mount. It raises t..


Rear Body Support INF/Mugen

KHC Rear Body Support for INF1NITY , Mugen, BMTThis rear body support goes on the rear body mount. I..



P909 Clear BodyThe PROTOform P909 currently reigns as the top race body for the Kings of the Sport -..



PFR18 Clear Body2011 was a spectacular year for PROTOform in the 1/8th IC Nitro On-Road class. Not o..



R19 Clear BodyWith 2017 being a World Championship year for 1/8 Nitro, PROTOform is proud to re..


1/8 Aero Kit

1/8 Aero Kit w/Spoiler & StiffenersThis is a kit for 1/8 on-road bodies, suc..


R18 Ultra Light Pre-cut

R18 Ultra Light 0.75mm Pre-cut for INF1NITYXtreme Aerodynamics R18 Ultra light body, pre-cut for the..



Diablo 1.0mm Pre-cut for INF1NITYXtreme Aerodynamics Diablo body, pre-cut for the INF1NITY cars...


S3 Body Stiffener

New Generation S3 Smart Body Stiffener & WingBody stiffeners, wing and mounting hardware for Xte..


SRC 1/8 Wing

SRC555 1/8 WingSRC 1/8 wing compliments the SRC530 DTRS-EVO body for the perfect fit...