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SPRING COLLAR for SHORT SPRING (Silver/2pcs)This collar allows the use of short-type 20mm springs to..


1/8GT Wing Button Black

1/8GT Aluminum Wing Buttons (Black 3pcs)..


1/8GT Wing Button Gunmetal

1/8GT Aluminum Wing Buttons (Gunmetal/3pcs)..


1/8GT Wing Button Red

1/8GT Aluminum Wing Buttons (Red/3pcs)..

$15.99 Alu Chassis IF14 New Alu Chassis IF14 Infinity IF14 Aluminum ChassisAluminum 7075 T6 chassis for the IF14 has been designed to mak..


7075it Alu ST Post IF14 New

7075it Alu ST Post IF14 Infinity IF14 Aluminum Steering Post + Steering ArmsAluminum steering post and steering arms..


Body Mount Patch

Body Mount PatchPatch a body mount hole on the back surface. Reinforce around the hole and the paint..


Body Stiffener Rear

Body Stiffener for Rear (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Used for the rear. A very rigid one-piece struct..


Body Stiffener Set

Body Stiffener Set (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Optional 1/8 body shell stiffeners. A fine carbon mat..


Body Stiffener Side Wall

Body Stiffener for Side Wall (1/8 Racing/Carbon Graphite)Includes:4 side wall piecesPlastic fixing r..



NON-SLIP RUBBER TAPE (25x100x0.5mm/2pcs)This is a special kind of rubber tape with a fine grain on t..


PRO-TC Wing 190mm

PRO-TC Wing Kit 190mmPROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for your&..


PRO-TC Wing 200mm

PRO-TC Wing Kit (200mm)PROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for you..


Rear Body Support for INF1NITY/Mugen/BMT

KHC Rear Body Support for INF1NITY , Mugen, BMTThis rear body support goes on the rear body mount. I..