2016 Airtronics GP 2 TQ's & Win

Posted by Ulti_America 23/03/2016 0 Comment(s)

2016 Airtronics Grand Prix with great results and thank you to everyone using Ulti tires!! Two TQ's and one win with 4 podium spots. 8 of 11 1/8 Masters, 4 of 11 1/8 Expert, 4 of 11 1/8 Sportsman chose to use Ulti tires in the A Main finals.

1/8 Masters:
Dana Smeltzer TQ & Win, Ruben Serrano 2nd, Don Miyamoto 4th, Jim Bishop 6th, Dwayne Amarai 7th, Pepe Velez 8th, Otto Rosa 10th, Tony Thompson 11th.

1/8 Expert:
Christian Lopez 2nd, Brandon Cho 5th, Chris Velez 7th, Kyle Goodwine 9th

1/8 Sportsman:
Bill Jianas 3rd, Don Hirami TQ & 6th, Sal Bissada 7th, Richardo Gonzales 9th.

1/10 Sedan:
Trevor Geter 6th

2016 Airtronics GP 1/8 Expert2016 Airtronics GP 1/8 Sportsman